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Classification of automobile molds

2020-08-30 22:39:38

Automobile molds are one of the main products provided by our company. Automobile molds are classified according to the processing methods of the products:

a. Punching and shearing die: the work is done by shearing. The commonly used forms are shearing die, blanking die, punching die, trimming die.

b. Bending die: It is a shape that bends the flat blank into an angle. Depending on the shape, accuracy and production volume of the part, there are many different forms of dies, such as ordinary bending punches, cam bending punches, curling Die, arc bending die, bending punching die and twisting die, etc.

c. Drawing die: Drawing die is to make flat blank into seamless container with bottom.

d. Forming die: refers to the use of various local deformation methods to change the shape of the blank. Its forms include convex forming die, curling edge forming die, necking forming die, hole flange forming die, and round edge forming die.

e. Compression die: It uses strong pressure to make the metal blank flow and deform into the required shape. The types include extrusion die, embossing die, embossing die, and end pressure die.




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