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We will encounter many thorny problems when welding cold stamping dies, which requires us to make accurate judgments on these failures from a technical perspective, such as its causes and countermeasures. What we want to introduce below is the insufficient hardness of cold stamping die welding.

The reason for this phenomenon:

(1) If the current is too large during welding, the dilution rate of the mold base material is too large, and the alloy elements of the mold base material are damaged.

(2) The preheating temperature and interlayer temperature during welding are not controlled. In the face of some of the failures described above, after finding the cause of the failure, we must promptly deploy corresponding countermeasures and eliminate the failure through our own technical means.

Countermeasures: Try to use low current, short arc welding, and the swing amplitude of the electrode during welding is not more than 1.5 times the diameter of the electrode.

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