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Finished Dies
Finished Dies

Finished Dies

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Automobile die is an important part of many industries,so we need to pay attention to the efficiency of automobile die design.At the same time,we can improve the efficiency of die production and design from the following aspects.

1.The selection of die materials must not only meet the customer's requirements for product quality,but also take into account the cost of the material and its strength within the set period.Of course, it must also be based on the type of die,working methods,machining speed,and main failure modes and other factors to select materials.

For example: the main failure mode of the punching die is the wear of the cutting edge,it is necessary to choose a material with high surface hardness and good wear resistance;the punching die is mainly subjected to periodic loads,which is easy to cause surface fatigue cracks and cause surface peeling,then choose materials with good surface toughness;materials with particularly low friction coefficient should be selected for drawing dies;materials with strong thermal fatigue properties should be selected for die-casting dies due to cyclic thermal stress;for injection dies,when the plastic parts are ABS,PP,PC For such materials,the die material can be pre-hardened quenched and tempered steel.When the plastic parts are high-finish and transparent materials,corrosion-resistant stainless steel can be selected.When the products are large in batches,quenched and tempered steel can be selected.

2.Die design is an important step to improve die quality.Many factors need to be considered,including the selection of die materials,the usability and stability of die structure,the machinability of die parts and the convenience of die maintenance.At the beginning of the design,it should be considered as thorough as possible.

When designing the die, the structure should be compact and easy to operate,and enough strength and rigidity should be ensured.When the die structure allows,the corner of each surface of the die part should be designed as a fillet transition as far as possible to avoid stress concentration.For the female die,cavity and part of the punch and pad,the combination or inlay structure can be used to eliminate the stress concentration It is necessary to take appropriate protection measures in the structure for slender punch and pad;for the cold stamping die,it should be equipped with a device to prevent the blocking of parts or scraps.At the same time,it is necessary to consider how to reduce the impact on the die quality caused by the wear of sliding fit parts and frequent impact parts in long-term use.


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